Massage & Treatments

Custom Therapeutic Massage (the go to massage)

60 Min   $125
90 Min   $175

This massage can use one or several combined techniques. This massage can address multiple needs in one treatment, also providing an enhanced experience. A therapeutic style that helps to alleviate pain, fascial restrictions, sore muscles, stress, and more…

Pre Natal/ Post Natal (Certified)

This custom massage is designed to help alleviate all things relative to pregnancy; postural change, hips/joints, relaxation, muscle tension, insomnia and more.. We use specially designed pillows to help keep mom and baby comfortable. This massage helps, and positioning to ease and prepare the body for labor, as well as post labor. We use specially designed pillows to support mom and baby.

60 Min   $125
90 Min   $175

Detox Therapy

This therapeutic full body treatment uses Manual Lymphatic Drainage, dry brushing, detoxifying aromatherapy/oils, gua sha, and abdominal massage to stimulate lymphatic function/immune function. This helps to remove toxins, swelling, inflammation and fluid from the body. It improves skin appearance, increases your overall health from the inside out, and more..

75 Min  $170 (with wrap & without machines)
90 Min  $270
(with machine focusing on abdomen & wrap)

Add Sauna 30 min $45

Restorative Massage: The Stress Reliever

This massage is very specific in its benefits for stress, anxiety, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, pain, and more.. This treatment uses lighter pressure, calming aromatherapy, hot compresses, hot stones, and finished with a scalp massage. All techniques comfort and calm the mind, body, and spirit.

60 Min   $130
90 MIn   $180

Add Reiki for 30 min $50

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