Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  1. First week: 3 sessions
  2. Second week: 3 sessions
  3. Third week: 2 sessions
  4. Fourth week: 2 sessions
  5. Fifth week: 1 session
  6. Sixth week: 1 session
1 Hr. starting at $130 for a “healthy full body treatment,” as it can vary according to the individual.

See “Post Op Massage “for all things surgery related.

Can be bundled for a 10% savings.

*Ask about our packages

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Certified

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage? Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a gentle, rhythmic technique using four Vodder strokes that dramatically increase lymph flow, movement and direction of fluid to healthy pathways and nodes to be cleared and filtered.

Lymphatic drainage massage relieves swelling that happens when medical treatments or illness block or overwhelm your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system plays a vital supporting role in both your cardiovascular and immune system.  The L.S. is responsible for helping to maintain normal blood volume, fluid levels, homeostasis: by returning most of the fluid that has been diverted into the interstitium and picked up by lymph vessels as fluid containing proteins, cell fragments (debris), water, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, cancerous cells, antigens and more, then directed to the regional lymph nodes (600-700 in the body) to inspect and cleanse the lymph as it passes through, where it gobbles up bacteria and antigens, creating lymphocytes and alerting supporting immune tissues and organs ( if need be).

The filtered lymph from all areas of the body is eventually returned to the blood through the Subclavian Vein. Returning this fluid to the blood prevents edema or lymphedema; excess accumulation of fluid around tissues.

What are Indications for Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

secondary lymphedema in any limb or origin of body, secondary lymphedema due to :mastectomy, lumpectomy and lymph node dissection (ALND), post surgery trauma and swelling, fibrosis (scar tissue), bruising due to surgery or insult, decreased ROM due to surgery or insult, sprain/strains/fractures, oncology related effects, burns, edema, venous insufficiencies, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, cellulite, inflammation, Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, detox, high definition body sculpting and more..

What are general EFFECTS of Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

Improves immune function, detox, re routes fluid from blocked or damaged areas to healthy areas, analgesic effect (pain relief), general health, decrease swelling and pain, reduce tissue fluid, improve venous sufficiency, reduce fibrous tissue, creates suctioning effect on lymphatic pathways, decrease inflammation, accelerated drainage of nociceptive (painful) substances from tissue, balance blood volume, increase gut health, increase calming and nervous system function, relax the body, wellness, high body definition sculpting, decrease appearance of cellulite, and more..

Each person needs to have a consultation as individual needs and sequence of therapy is different according to medical needs and goals.

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